Forty Years of Political Power and Social Classes

An der Universität Salford findet am 24. September 2008 eine eintägige Konferenz anlässlich Poulantzas 1968 erschienenen Buches "Politische Macht und gesellschaftliche Klassen" statt.  Auf der website ist zu lesen:

Nicos Poulantzas’ Political Power and Social Classes was first published in France in May of 1968. The subject matter of the book combined with this fortunate timing made it an overnight sensation. This initial success combined with Poulantzas’ subsequent debate with Ralph Miliband made the English translation of the book, published in 1973, a major event at that time for Marxism and contemporary political and social theory. The work continued to be a key theoretical touchstone for the remainder of the decade.

Although Poulantzas’ subsequent works, particularly State, Power, Socialism and his essays on the transnationalization of the state and class, continue to be widely available and are enjoying popularity with those who study globalization and the increasingly authoritarian character of the neoliberal state, among other topics, Political Power and Social Classes, an infamously complex text, has remained out of print for more than twenty years. The purpose of this seminar is to examine the arguments and reception history of Political Power and Social Classes, to explore the relationship between this initial work and Poulantzas’ subsequent writings, and to identify those concepts and schemas that still hold analytical value but are not widely known or in use at this time.

Speakers will include: Peter Bratsis, University of Salford; Bob Jessop, University of Lancaster; Mabel Thwaites Rey, University of Buenos Aries; Constantinos Tsoukalas, University of Athens

September 24th, 1 to 6pm

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