We’re very happy to announce the publication of the English-language edition of Poulantzas lesen.

Edited by Alexander Gallas, Lars Bretthauer, John Kannankulam & Ingo Stützle

Nicos Poulantzas (1936-1979), one of the most influential Marxist intellectuals of the 1970s, is renowned for his rich analyses and for his thought-provoking writing on socialist strategy. In these essays contributors highlight his enduring contemporary relevance; assess his impact on theories of crisis, class and the state; examine how he responded to challenges such as the internationalization of capital, the rise of feminism and the new social movements; and discuss his work in relation to Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, and Michel Foucault.

“Bringing together an impressive collection of established and younger scholars working in the Poulantzasian and Gramscian traditions, this is a book that has one overriding concern, to understand the contemporary political situation. The concepts deployed and the questions examined in Reading Poulantzas are indispensable for anyone who wants to comprehend contemporary political struggle and change.” Peter Bratsis, University of Salford

MerlinPress | ISBN. 978-0-85036-647-1 | paperback | Published November 2011


Index: Download Subject Index and Name Index of Reading Poulantzas.

Please excuse the erroneous page numbers on pgs. 72-88, 138-153, 170-185, and 231-260. An index with corrected page numbers will be made available on this website soon. Please find the notes on the editors (here) and the list of abbreviated references (here).

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