After a long wait Reading Poulantzas will finally be published in autumn.

The Greek Marxist political sociologist, Nicos Poulantzas (1936-1979) is one of the most influential of post-war European left thinkers. His works were: Political Power and Social Classes; Fascism and Dictatorship; Classes in Contemporary Capitalism; The Crisis of the Dictatorships, and State, Power, Socialism.

Although he died over thirty years ago, the contributors to this book share the conviction that Poulantzas’s political impulses and studies are more topical than ever. They offer a re-reading of Poulantzas’s work and insight. They map controversies, and reflect on different views as to how Poulantzas’s work should be continued, or surpassed, focusing on four themes:

  • The Economy and the State in the Capitalist Mode of Production
  • Power and Domination
  • Space and Statehood
  • Crisis, Transformation and Political Strategies

“Bringing together an impressive collection of established and younger scholars working in the Poulantzasian and Gramscian traditions, this is a book that has one overriding concern, to understand the contemporary political situation. The concepts deployed and the questions examined in Reading Poulantzas are indispensable for anyone who wants to comprehend contemporary political struggle and change.” Peter Bratsis, University of Salford

You can find information on the book, including the cover, here: MerlinPress

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